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Sand Timers

School mornings can be hectic! Try using sand timers with your children to ease the chaos in your morning routine. They are excellent visual tools parents and teachers can use to make transitions less tricky and can be used in daily routines at home and in the classroom.

Also perfect for turn taking, transitioning between activities & timing screen access. How will you use yours? Shop our entire sensory inclusive school range now!

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Customer Reviews

Kids Routine Helper

This is one of my favorite purchases I’ve made! It’s the perfect size and so pretty!

Lexie B

Morphing Marbled Stress Ball

Love this squishy ball, I bought it for my six year old daughter, who loves it. She carries it on the way to school, takes it to bed. My mum loves it and so do I. Such a satisfying sensation. Highly recommend.

Stephanie B

Pullie Pal Stretch Jellyfish Fidget Toy

Wonderful toy. Students who used this liked the colours and the textures. The toy did not break or get too dirty either. Would recommend.

Rachel W

Therapeutic Cloud Chair

The best regulation tool! The cloud chair is my son's favourite place to regulate after kinder- its soft and squishy and super easy to zip the cover off to wash!


Charlie The Weighted Puppy Dog

Charlie is super soft and cuddly! We tried heating her up last night and when warmed she had a lovely subtle lavender scent - perfect for snuggling in bed. Mum may have even ‘borrowed’ her for her sore tummy too!


Sand Baggers Sensory Fidget Toy

Brought the jelly fish one and i absolutely love it (i’m 18 years old ) i even sleep with it , i suffer from anxiety and depression i also have adhd and this is the best sensory/ fidget toy i have ever purchased. only complaint i wish they had a bigger variety of animals 😂

Kate S

Jellystone Calm Down Bottle

Great product, heaps of fun to make & the contents can be changed as well. Excellent tool for emotional regulation. Very happy with purchase.


Hey Clay Air Dried Dinosaurs

She loves it! Has already made all the models. Great for manual dexterity and artistic creativity! Great gift!!


Jellystone Sensory Chewable Rainbow Necklace

Our daughter has really enjoyed having this. It looks nice so it is discrete as a chew toy, so she can take it every where without worrying about social exclusion.


Jellystone Princess & The Pea Chew Necklace

My niece had been madly teething so I decided to get this necklace as a Christmas present. I was hopeful she would know what it was and how to use it as she’s quiet young. I soon as she unwrapped it she put it straight in her mouth and my sister tells me she wears it constantly and it’s the first thing to grabs to mouth when teething begins. My sister was so appreciative of a safe, pretty and practical teething item that is well loved!!


Kaiko Hand Caterpillar Fidget Toy

These beads are great for when you need a bit of clam or soothing time. They are subtle, unlike some of the other attention grabbing toys. The weighted beads are a really satisfying weight and they really help me at times when I need to focus on a specific task.

Amy R

Weighted Lap Pad Blanket

Best lap pad! My son is a deep stim child and he needed a smaller waited blanket to assist at school at mat time and table time!

Alexis B

Glo Pals

These are great, My 9 year old loves playing with them, even just in the sink as well as the bath. Great toy, would definitely buy again to get all off them.

Jodie K

Kaiko Magnetic Fidget Rings

I have ASD, and thus am fairly anxious in social settings. Often I make patterns with my fingers as I walk around, but using these magnetic rings was helpful for giving me something to make me just a tiny bit less anxious in social settings.

Rowan R

Rainbow Sensory Play Arches

My daughters love playing with the rainbow arches- they're so versatile!

Lisa R

Sand Timers

The best!!! We use these for transitioning my son between activities- game changer!


Squishy Pop Up Squirrel Fidget Toy

So cute! My Daughter loves this adorable fidget toy!


Kaiko Sensory Spikey Ring Fidgets

As an autistic adult ive never really found a fidget that i enjoyed until this spikey ring!! I now always have one in my bag, so useful in meetings or any situation i need to sit still for periods of time!! Life saver!


Fat Brain Toys Simpl Dimpl Fidget Keyring

Perfect for small handheld fidgeting I use it daily!

Phoebe T

Jellystone Triblox

These blocks have been used by my 5 year old, 4 year old and 20 month old little people. They have all used the blocks in a variety of ways, stacking, making shapes, matching numbers to 10.


Tactile Wriggle Wobble Cushion with Free Hand Pump

These cushions are a game changer in the classroom for those who need sensory input. They are made from durable quality, look and feel great. Thank you!


Rainbow Magic Ball Fidget Toy

Great product and keeps little hands and minds busy for ages

Nicole G

Kaiko Sensory Magnetic Pad

This is a brilliant tool! I use this both within my family daycare and my own children love it. My son has been practicing letters as pictured and it calms him when his emotions are getting the better of him. I love that younger children can use this as the magnets are inaccessible. Brilliant product!


Kaiko Best Sellers Fidget Kit

Fantastic fidgets! A great tool for my son to use in school. Highly recommend!

Claire L

Sensory Fidget Toy Pack- Dinosaur

My big feeling 5 year old has been delighted by this Dino pack. Thank you!


Marble Mesh Fidgets - Pack of 2

My son was very excited when he received these. Bright colours and great quality. These would also be great as stocking fillers for Christmas or for children’s party bags.


Sensory Projection Star Lamp

Love it! The perfect calm down tool to use with my kids- they love laying down and watching the stars rotate!


Emotions Cards For Kids

Excellent help! We have used these cards so much already. The kids have enjoyed talking about the emotions they have felt during the day. They have also supported discussion around challenging social situations that my son was having at school. They are gorgeous looking too.