Magnetic Visual Countdown Timer- 60mins


Introducing our exceptional classroom essential, the 60-Minute Magnetic Timer with advanced time management features. Perfectly designed to aid students during tests or any time-sensitive activities, this timer ensures optimal productivity and efficient time allocation.

In addition to its benefits in the classroom, our 60-Minute Magnetic Visual Timer is also a fantastic tool for home use, particularly for children who may struggle with transitions.

Whether it's transitioning from playtime to study time, getting ready for bed, or even completing household chores, this timer provides a visual and auditory cue that helps children understand and manage their time more effectively. By setting specific time limits for each activity, parents can empower their children to develop a sense of structure and responsibility.

With its user-friendly design and intuitive visual indicators, the timer makes it easy for children to grasp the concept of time and manage their tasks accordingly. The vibrant red disk visually communicates the remaining time, allowing children to stay engaged and motivated. When the time is up, the ringing bell signals the completion of the activity, gently guiding children through transitions and reducing the stress associated with sudden changes.

The 60-Minute Magnetic Timer's versatility allows it to be conveniently placed on any magnetic surface in your home, such as the refrigerator or a metal shelf. This way, it can serve as a constant visual reminder and aid in establishing routines and time management skills that can benefit the whole family.

Empower your children with the valuable skill of time management at home with our 60-Minute Magnetic Timer. It's a practical and effective tool that promotes smoother transitions, encourages responsibility, and helps create a harmonious environment for the entire family.

Diameter: 18cm

Requires 2 x AA batteries.

For ages 5+ 

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Kara Weatherall
Everyone needs one

This really helps my boys with transitions. Its visual so they know how much time they have remaining before they have to go to bed or do their homework

Everyone needs!

Everyone needs this! the perfect edition for busy mornings and transition times. Its the perfect visual to help assist with understanding the movement from one activity to another.

Victoria Mills
Great service, great product

The service I received when purchasing this product was the very best I've ever had. Friendly, efficient, helpful.
The product itself is excellent. Visually fantastic for the whole family to see understand our timing. Super easy to set up and use. I highly recommend this product.

Should have gotten it sooner

I regret not buying this sooner! It has been such a gamer changer for helping my two know when things are happening and stop the nagging to know how long until something happens haha. Love that it is magnetic and also has a stand so we can use it anywhere and everywhere. Also huge pro that the timer finished sound isn't super loud and triggering to kids who don't love loud noises

Best thing ever

This is definitely my number one purchase from this store I wasn’t sure how useful it would be with a 2yo who has little concept of time but it has been invaluable in helping with bedtime transition because we can say ‘when the red runs out’. It’s used every night. So worth it.