Kids Daily Routine Cards- 72 Cards


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Transform your child's day-to-day routine into an engaging and structured experience with our hand-drawn bespoke routine cards. Our thoughtfully crafted cards are tailored specifically to your little one's needs, making their daily transitions smoother and reducing the likelihood of meltdowns.

By providing predictability and a sense of control, routine cards are a valuable tool for cultivating independence in young children. Our comprehensive set includes cards for everything from waking up to bedtime, and even covers important tasks like taking medication, doing homework, and caring for pets.

Our cards are printed locally in Australia on high-quality, 350gsm uncoated card stock, and feature a protective matte celloglazing layer on both sides for added durability. The cards measure 10x10cm, and come in a beautiful white storage box with a magnetic close lid for safekeeping.

With our routine cards, you can help your child build a healthy and productive daily rhythm that will serve them well from early childhood all the way through the new season of schooling and responsibilities. Give your child the gift of structure and routine with our bespoke routine cards today.

Kindly take note that we highly encourage handling these cards with care and recommend adult supervision as an added safety measure.

Customer Reviews

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The best visual routine cards

These routine cards are a huge favourite in our home. The incredible variety is incredible, you’ll find one for almost anything. The visuals and size of these cards make them the best for encouraging independence because they’re so clear.

Charn Waipouri
Routine cards

These are beautiful, however as a Mama of a 5 year old I feel there could be two options one for the older child and one for younger children instead of 72! And the price would be reflective of this. I also, misread and thought these were magnetic so will just grab some magnetic strips and add these to make it easier to use. Otherwise, these are great quality.