About Us- Australia's Sensory & Fidget Experts!

We are the Australian experts in sensory play and fidget toys and we have fun while we're at it! We carry the best range of fidget toys for every age and occasion and we are always on top of the latest trends in the market.

We aim support the healthy development of all children, as well as a specific focus on the needs of those children who are neurodivergent. All of the brands and products that we stock have been specifically chosen for their social, emotional, physical and educational benefits.

We specialise in: 

Sensory & fidget toys

Sensory lighting

Emotional regulation & calming tools

Sensory play accessories

Routine & transition supports 

Wooden toys and music

Sensory inclusive classrooms 

Chew tools and Chewelry

Weighted toys & blankets

Fidget Packs

I'm a mum of two gorgeous boys (5yo and 3yo). Like many, my 4yo thrives on routine to help with his emotional regulation. One step in his night time routine which has remained a constant is snuggling in bed together and listening to a meditation story by "New Horizon Holistic Centre" called "The Sleepy Sloth". It's a 30 minute story about a friendly family of sloths - this is the way he's fallen asleep every night for the last 2 years. So sloths have a special place in our hearts - from this, The Sensory Sloth was born. 

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