Kaiko Sensory Magnetic Pad

by Kaiko

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Engage your mind with the Magnetic Pad magna board and magnetic pen, perfect for hours of fun, focus, and creativity. Use the magnetic stylus to lift and depress the 380 tiny and secure magnetic balls that fill each hole, creating a unique picture each time. The sensation of running your finger over the balls is reminiscent of popping bubble wrap, providing a satisfying sensory experience. The stylus also promotes proper pencil grip while building fine motor and hand-eye skills.

This board is a great tool for break out tasks from homework, therapy sessions, and literacy and math exercises. You can practice tracing shapes, writing letters and sight words, playing noughts and crosses, and drawing your own freestyle pictures. When you're done, simply erase with the touch of your finger.

Not only is the Magnetic Board fun, but it also provides input to the proprioceptive receptors in the muscles and joints of the hands, making it a great tool for motor planning and decreasing agitation. It is small, lightweight, and features a handle and storage for the pen, making it a practical and sensible design.

Suitable for 3yrs+

Customer Reviews

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Fantastic addition

This has been a priceless addition to our calm space and play. It provides so much fun and engagement, with their challenging picture prompts or freestyle!

This is a brilliant tool

I use this both within my family daycare and my own children love it.
My son has been practicing letters as pictured and it calms him when his emotions are getting the better of him.
I love that younger children can use this as the magnets are inaccessible. Brilliant product!