Silent Sensory Solutions: Quiet Fidgets for the Classroom

Silent Sensory Solutions: Quiet Fidgets for the Classroom

Silent Sensory Solutions: Quiet Fidgets for the Classroom

We all know that some students can really benefit from using fidget tools to help them stay focused and regulate their energy in class. But here's the catch: it can be a challenge to find fidgets that won't disrupt the learning environment.

Don't worry, though! In this blog post, we'll dive into a bunch of super cool quiet fidgets that you can find in our store that are perfect for the classroom! These fidgets will provide sensory experiences, mental challenges, and tactile comfort while keeping the peace in the classroom.

Here are some examples of quiet fidgets that can be used in the classroom:

  1. Fidget Chair Bands: fidget chair bands provide the sensory input that children need to self-regulate and stay engaged in class. Made from latex, they are durable and easy to use, simply attach them to the legs of a chair and start fidgeting away.

  2. Soft & Squishy Fidgets: Soft fidgets, such as plush ball animals, sand baggers or stress balls, can be squeezed or held to provide a tactile and comforting experience.

  3. Pencil toppers: Pencil toppers can be used as a quiet fidget while writing or taking notes, there are fidgeting pencil toppers, or chewing pencil toppers depending on sensory preferences.

  4. Fabric Fidgets: the perfect tool for keeping fidgety fingers engaged and quiet! Made from the softest Chenille fabric, fabric fidgets provides a highly tactile and soothing experience to the user. The gentle texture of the fabric offers a calming sensation that can help reduce stress and anxiety. 

  5. Desktop Fidgets: These quiet fidgets are specifically designed for classroom use, the ruler fidgetbookmark fidget and cube fidget have a unique tactile design which provides a calming sensory input that can help children concentrate during listening activities, and may even help them feel more relaxed and focused overall. 

  6. Kaiko Fidgets- For older children, our range of Kaiko fidgets offer small, discret fidgeting options for every sensory preference. From pocket friendly chain link fidgets to magic ball fidgets

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