Communication Cards for Kids


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Our Communication Cards have been thoughtfully designed to help children who struggle to communicate their needs and wants to their caregivers. 

With colourful illustrations, our cards help your little one express their immediate needs and preferences. This helps to increase autonomy by allowing your child to make decisions about their own lives. 

The goal is to help children communicate their needs more effectively and provide them with more advanced communication skills to further their development.

Keep your child's Communication Card set close at hand during the day, show them each card and explain to them what each means. Lay them out on a table or display them on the wall wherever they are easily accessible, then encourage your little one to engage with the cards by asking questions and directing them towards the appropriate card.  

Children learn by following in our footsteps, so begin using them in context. For example, hold the ‘I need a drink, I’m thirsty’ card, repeat the statement on the card while showing it to your little one, and then proceed to get yourself a drink. Repeat throughout the day for each card.

Within this set of cards, you will find the following statements;
• I need a drink, I'm thirsty
• I need to rest, I'm tired
• I need to use the toilet
• I need a snack, I'm hungry
• I need to wash my hands
• I need to cool off, I feel hot
• I need to warm up, I feel cold
• I need help
• I need 5 min of calm-down time
• I need my glasses it's too bright
• I need a BIG hug
• I need a quiet and calm place
• I need my headphones, it's too loud
• I need to colour in
• I need to listen to music
• I need screen time
• I need to go outside 
• I need my favourite toy
• I need to read a book
• I need to move my body
• I feel sad
• I feel happy
• I feel angry
• I feel worried
• I feel sick
• I'm hurt
• I love you
• Yes, please
• No, thanks!

We hope your little one finds their voice and harness independence within their environment.

Our Kids Communication Cards are designed in Australia by The Creative Sprout. Printed locally in Sydney, on an A6 size 350gsm card stock, with rounded corners and protective matt celloglazing for durability. They are packaged in an organic eco friendly cotton drawstring bag for safekeeping.

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