How Often Should I Clean my Jellystone Calm Down Bottle?

How Often Should I Clean my Jellystone Calm Down Bottle?

So you've purchased one of our amazing Jellystone DIY Calm Down Bottles and you're wondering how often you should clean and refill your bottle? We've had lots of questions about this topic recently, so you're not alone! 

The answer is pretty simple- there is no answer, the contents of your bottle will change colour over time as the die from the glitter and other items seep out into the water- however, will still look great!

Refreshing the contents of the Calm Down Bottle is up to the user's discretion however, we recommend emptying and refilling every few months.

To keep your Calm Down Bottle clean wash in warm soapy water. The Silicone Caps of the bottle can be cleaned using a steriliser, placed in a dishwasher or washed with warm soapy water.

Ready to Refill? 

Get your Jellystone Calm Down Bottle unique refill packs here. Each refill pack has a different theme, these refill packs come with glitter and crafts for your little one to create your very own sensory bottle. Themes include; ocean, rainbow and glow in the dark. 

Check out our Refill Video here 

Looking for Calm Down Bottle Inspiration? 

So you've purchased one of our DIY Calm Down Bottles and you need some pointers on how to create an amazing sensory tool. Well, check out this blog post where Jellystone give you some great tips and tricks! 


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