Tactile Foot & Support Wedge



Looking for a way to stay focused and productive while sitting at your desk or in any chair? Our Tactile Foot & Support Wedge might just be what you need!

The Tactile Foot & Support Wedge, the perfect solution for those who struggle with restlessness and fidgeting while sitting at a desk or in any chair. Say goodbye to unproductive and distracted work days and hello to greater focus and productivity!

This unique wedge provides a quiet outlet for excess energy by allowing for subtle movements, while the relaxing deep pressure promotes the ability to stay on task. The textured surface also offers just the right amount of tactile stimulation, providing a calming influence to help you feel more centered and focused.

The Tactile Foot & Support Wedge is designed to fit everyone, with its customisable firmness that contours to each individual's needs. And with its size of 34cm x 35cm x 6cm when inflated, it's perfect for use in any setting.

Plus, it's not just for use with shoes on! Take off your shoes and enjoy the calming sensory feedback of the textured surface against your bare feet. Made from PVC and free of Phthalates and BPA, this support wedge is safe for you and the environment. Say goodbye to restless legs and hello to a more productive workday with the Tactile Foot & Support Wedge.

Customer Reviews

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Foot Wedge

My 6 year old struggles to sit at his desk and do pencil work. I noticed during OT they had one of these under his feet. We have had ours now for about 2 months and he has increased his time at his desk and successfully doing more writing tasks.

Sensory input whilst stationary

This has been so helpful for my fidgety little guy. The tactile surface and the bounce allows him to exert some subtle movements and keep him focussed on task.