Sensory Inclusive Easter Celebrations

Sensory Inclusive Easter Celebrations

Sensory Inclusive Easter Celebrations

Having a sensory-inclusive Easter celebration can be a great way to make the holiday enjoyable for everyone, including individuals with sensory processing challenges. Here are some tips to create a sensory-friendly Easter celebration:

  1. Provide sensory-friendly accommodations: Provide a designated quiet space where individuals can take sensory breaks. Also, consider providing sensory-friendly toys or fidgets for individuals to use if they need them.

  2. Keep it low-key: Try to keep the celebration low-key and limit the number of people involved to avoid overwhelming sensory input.

  3. Make the environment sensory-friendly: Consider adjusting the lighting, sound levels, and decorations to be more sensory-friendly. For example, use soft, calming lighting and avoid loud music or sounds that may be overwhelming.

  4. Sensory-friendly activities: Choose sensory-friendly activities such as Easter egg hunts with a limited number of eggs, quiet crafts such as colouring, or sensory-friendly games such as a sensory bin filled with Easter grass, plastic eggs, and small toys.

  5. Consider food sensitivities: Be aware of any food sensitivities and provide alternative options if necessary, include "safe" foods for those attending.

  6. Use visual supports: Use visual supports such as picture schedules or social stories to help individuals understand what will happen during the celebration and when. 

  7. Communicate with others: Communicate with others attending the celebration to let them know about the sensory-friendly accommodations you've made. Also, ask them for any specific needs or accommodations that their child may require.

Remember, creating a sensory-inclusive environment requires flexibility and open communication. By providing sensory-friendly accommodations and activities, everyone can enjoy a fun and inclusive Easter celebration.


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