Sensory Fidget Toy Pack- Robot

Type: Fidget
Chain Link Fidget Puzzle | Wacky Tracks (Colour)
Infinity Fidget Cube (Colour)
Twist & Lock Fidget Blocks (Colour)

Looking for a fun and practical way to reduce stress and anxiety, enhance focus, and boost fine motor skills? Look no further than our robot fidget toy kit! With five different toys suitable for both kids and adults, this kit is perfect for anyone who wants to fidget on the go. Whether you're waiting in a stressful appointment, traveling in the car, getting through your school or work day, our fidget kit is a convenient and effective way to stay calm and focused.

Designed with special needs, sensory processing differences, Autism, or ADHD in mind, our sensory and fidget toy kits are a great way to provide relief for those who need it most. And with a collection of adorable robot-themed toys, there's sure to be something to suit everyone's taste.

Each pack includes one each of the following fidgets:  

Each kit comes with a calico bag featuring The Sensory Sloth branding, so you can keep your fidgets safe and easily accessible wherever you go.  Don't miss out on this fun and practical way to enhance your concentration, stimming, distraction, and fun!

*Please note that these products can be damaged or burst by over stretching, biting, chewing, being too rough or putting it in contact with sharp objects . As with all of our fidget toys, only pull and stretch your toy in a reasonable way. Breakage in this way will not be covered by our replacement warranty. Please consider this if purchasing for your child. This fidget pack is recommended for ages 3+. 

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Everything you need!

This bundle is your one stop shop! we have them permanently in the car, which have been life savers! A MUST!