Calm Corner Cards Kit

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BUNDLE & SAVE! Our calm corner kit includes our 3 best sellers:

- 20 Emotion Cards
- 12 Calm Down Cards
- 26 Affirmation Cards

A Calm Corner is a safe place in your home or classroom where a child who is experiencing BIG feelings can go calm their bodies, engage in mindfulness and release intense emotions in a safe and controlled environment.

Not to be confused with a ‘naughty corner’ or being placed in ‘time-out’, the Calm Corner is a place for a child to feel calm and balanced again. This space may consist of some comfortable, soft cushions and blankets. Along with a basket full of sensory resources or activities for your child to engage with, which will enable them to regulate their emotions and help them regain their emotional and physical control.

Emotions Cards:

Our thoughtfully designed set of 20 emotions cards incorporate colours to categorise all the different ways we feel and states of alertness.

Designed to help curious minds explore within, and teach them the tools to become an emotionally intelligent and well-rounded young child, able to self-regulate their emotions.

These two-sided cards have illustrated children on one side expressing different emotions, and on the back are a set of questions that will encourage your child to open up about their feelings and express them, along with appropriate activities to help self-regulate when in each state.

As a brief summary, we've used colours and pictures as an easy and fun way to help your child understand how they feel, and support the development of self-regulation. All the different ways children feel and the levels of alertness they experience are categorised by four different colours which are Red, Green, Blue, and Yellow. These colours help your child to identify what they're feeling and enable you to help guide them. Building their awareness of what colour they are in then allows you to work together to use tools to ensure they are feeling the appropriate emotion for that moment.

Calm Down Cards:

This set of 12 cards has a variety of fun activities that act as visual aids for your child in their journey towards self-regulation. Children have BIG feelings and we understand this is part of growing up, we believe it’s important to support your child through these feelings and give them tools to self-regulate and help them become a resilient young adult.

What we love about this set of hand-illustrated cards is they are so versatile in the way they can be used. Try placing them in a calm down corner or bring them out and use them as a learning tool. Spend time reading over the cards together and practice each technique, you will find your child will instinctually begin to reference an exercise when you give them the tools to be mindful of their current mood.

You probably already know this but, breathing activities are scientifically proven to reduce stress levels and mindfulness brings your child's attention to the present. There is an easier way to deal with tantrums and meltdowns.  

You will find these exercises can help reduce tantrums and meltdowns by gently guiding your little one towards a calmer state of mind.

This set includes the following:
5 Finger Breathing, Lion’s Breath, Lazy 8 Breathing, Flower Breathing, Calm Down Count Down, My Emotions WheelYoga Pose, Mindful Scavenger Hunt, When Someone is Bugging Me..., Grounding Yourself Activity Ideas, Calm Down Activity Ideas, Draw Your Feelings Activity

Affirmation Cards:

Our little ones look to us to model behaviour. The best skill you can give your child is the power of positive self-talk and self-confidence. Using Affirmation Cards for Kids is the first steps to help grow mindfulness, they're never too young to start.

This set of 26 positive affirmation cards focuses on affirming the child is loved, as well as confidence-building statements that ensure they know they are capable of handling all situations. We have mindfully paired each positive affirmation with hand-drawn illustrations, to help little ones visualise each phrase.

These cards have a special focus on kindness, not only to themselves but to others around them. Research shows mindful kids are more likely to be focused, calm and have the ability to create their own happiness, which are all essential parts for your child’s wellbeing. 


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