Anxiety Affirmation Cards for Kids- 26 Cards


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Anxiety can be crippling for both children and adults. As parents or caregivers, we must help break the cycle of anxiety safely and gradually.

Our cards support your child through their anxiety and fear by giving them verbal affirmations to add to their toolkit of coping skills, aiding them in overcoming their worries. 

This set of 26 positive affirmation cards focuses on affirming the child is safe, that they have control of their body and can handle uncomfortable situations. We have mindfully paired each positive affirmation with a hand-drawn illustration to help little ones visualise each phrase.

As a parent or caregiver of an anxious child, you can feel helpless or frustrated when your child has a sleepless night or misses school or an event due to worry. In times like these, recognise and validate your child’s feelings, take a moment to ground yourselves with breathing and mindfulness, then problem-solve if possible and use appropriate affirmations to build confidence. Let go of any feelings of guilt. We are all doing our best to support our children’s well-being by growing their toolkit of coping skills. 

We hope your little one finds comfort in these cards and the strength to combat their anxiety head-on.

Customer Reviews

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Kara Weatherall
Amazing Affirmation Cards

We absolutely love these cards. They have been helping my 3 year old to build confidence handle uncomfortable situations.

Anxiety Cards

These cards are beautifully illustrated and written. The size is easy for little hands to hold or to be displayed. They’ve been so helpful for the transition to starting school or going to appointments.